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Bank is governed by Board of Directors. Bank’s Board comprises of prominent personalities from all field of the Society. There are Chartered Accountants, Lawyer, Industrialists, Traders on the Board of the Bank.


The Board has always given priority to the interest of Bank’s Depositors who have placed their hard earned money with the bank. Therefore the Board has adopted a policy of care and vigil in selecting the business proposals on merits.


Bank has four branches in Ahmedabad City only. All branches are fully computerised and working on core banking solution since June 2007. Bank is providing various services to its customers in a personalised environment.


Bank’s Deposits upto Rs. 1.00 lac is insured with Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation of India and Bank is regularly paying its premium. Bank’s CRAR as on 31st March 2011 is 38.64 %. Bank’s Gross NPA as on 31st March 2011 is only 0.52 % and Net NPA is 0 %


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