Sr. No. Type of service Charges
1 Cheque Book Issue a) Saving A/c. - Free
    b)  Current/CC Rs.1/- per Cheque
2 Cheque Return a) Outward Return of cheque /ECS 
    (deposited in the A/c. & Returned unpaid)
      Rs.25/- per instrument.
    b) Inward Return of Cheque/ECS :-
       Upto 50000/-   Rs.50/- per instrument
        50001 to Rs.1- lac  Rs.100/- per instrument
       Above Rs.1- lac Rs.250/- per instrument
3 Incidential Charges Saving Account - No charges
    Current and Cash Credit Accounts:
    First page/minimum Rs.10/-
    Above one page Rs.20/- per page
    (Page contains 40 entries)
4 Minimum Balance & charges Quarterly Average Balance:
  thereon Saving Mini. Bal. 500    Charges  Rs. 50
    Current Min. Bal. 1000  Charges Rs. 100
5 Duplicate Pass Book  Pass Book   Rs.25/-
  Statement Statement Rs.10/- per page
6 Outward Bills/Cheques for  Upto Rs.10000/-  Rs.50/- per instrument
  Collection  " 10001 to 100000/-  100/-      "
    100001 & above         150/-      "
7 Inward Bills Collection Upto Rs.50000/-   Rs.2/- per thousand
    Above Rs.50000 to 100000/- Rs.2/50    "
    Above Rs.100000/-  Rs.3.00     "
8 National Clearing Free of charge
9 Demand Draft - HDFC Bank  
    HDFC Bank Cheque: Free of charge
    Other Bank DD
    As per the charges/commission
    declared by the concern Bank from time to
10 Pay Orders Upto Rs.25000/-    Rs.20/-
    25001 to 100000/- Rs.50/-
    Above Rs.100000/-Rs.100/-
11 Godown Inspection Rs.75/- per Godown visit Plus actual 
    Rickshaw charges
    No Rickshaw charges if transportation
    provided by client OR if godown is within
    0.5. K.m. radius from branch.
12 MICR Clearing charges Nil
13 Cash Charges For passing of cheques and/or issue
    of demand draft against deposit of cash:
    Re.1/= per thousand
14 Documentary Demand Bills Upto Rs.1000/-                  Rs.15/-
  Documentary usance Bills 1001 to 5000/-                   Rs.30/-
  Purchased/Discounted or  5001 to 10000/-                 Rs.50/-
  collected 10001 to 1 lac         Rs.5/- per thousand
    Above 1 lac Rs.4.50 per thousand
    Minimum Rs.500/-
    In case of purchase/discount of bill, above
    commission plus actual days interest
16 Issue of solvency certificates free
17 Miscellaneous charges  
  1) Signature verification 1)  Rs.25/- 
  2) Stop payment instruction  2)  Rs.25/-
  3) Account closure 3) within 1 year Rs.100/=
         after 1 year Rs.50/=
  4) Issue of Balance Certificate 4) free
18 RTGS charges  
  1) Remittance  
  2) Collection Actual charged by IDBI/HDFC Bank



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